Adventure International
Pyramid of Doom
(SACA #8)

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This is an Adventure that will transport you to a dangerous land of crumbling ruins and trackless desert wastes into the PYRAMID OF DOOM! Jewels, gold -- it's all here for the plundering -- IF you can find the way.


Title:Pyramid of Doom
Other Titles:None
Author(s):Scott Adams
Release Year:1981

Release and Availability

Platform SAGA Version Major Differences*
Apple II Yes 124 None
Atari 400/800 Yes   None
BBC / Electron     None
Commodore 64 Yes 124 None
Macintosh Yes 124 None
Dragon     None
Spectrum Yes   None
TI/99     None
TRS   123 None
TRS   125 None
VIC 20     None

* Excluding room description changes and spelling changes.

Game Statistics

Rooms 27
Words 84
Objects 100
Actions 229
Messages 88

Other Files