Pyramid of Doom
By Julian Fleetwood (Taken from the original AI hint sheets)

Question 0: Can't get in the pyramid?
H: Dig by the pyramid and in the desert
F: Get the rock and unlock the tiny door then enter the pyramid

Question 1: Can't get in the tiny door?
H: ok.
F: don't

Question 2: Nomad is trouble?
H: Sometimes he is very useful
F: Carry the gun

Question 3: Can not get by mummy?
H: Something gives him his power
F: Douse leaves

Question 4: Purple worm a problem?
H: Leave the worm alone
F: There is nothing to do with the worm

Question 5: Pharaoh a problem?
H: Look in the fireplace and think clean
F: Wash the coal then through the ruby into the pool of liquid acid in the pyramid

Question 6: Bricked doorway a problem?
H: Hit the door
F: Hit the door while wearing the iron glove

Question 7: Light to bright?
H: Use a blind man's sense
F: Feel around on the floor for the coin

Question 8: Oyster a problem?
H: You did something wrong with the rats
F: Feed the oyster the jerky

Question 9: Do not know where to store treasures?
H: Rock
F: Take rock to hieroglyphics room and read them then

Question 10: Missing necklace?
H: Table
F: Saw leg off table

Question 11: Poison needle a problem?
H: Protect your hand
F: Wear iron glove

Question 12: Missing scarab?
H: Wall
F: Beyond mirror room is another room

Question 13: Missing treasure?
H: Examine explorer
F: Examine skull