Adventure International
Strange Odyssey
(SACA #6)

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At the galaxy's rim, there are rewards aplenty to be harvested from a long-dead alien civilization, including fabulous treasures and advanced technologies far beyond human ken! Prepare yourself for the incredible!


Title:Strange Odyssey
Other Titles: 
Author(s):Scott Adams
Release Year:1981

Release and Availability

Platform SAGA Version Major Differences*
Apple II Yes 119 None
Atari 8-bit     None
BBC / Electron     None
C16   119 None
Commodore 64 Yes 119 None
Macintosh Yes 119 None
Spectrum Yes   None
TI/99     None
TRS   118 None
TRS   119 None
VIC 20     None

* Excluding room description changes and spelling changes.

Game Statistics

Rooms 35
Words 79
Objects 55
Actions 221
Messages 94

Other Files