Strange Odyssey
By Julian Fleetwood (Taken from the original AI hint sheets)

Question 0: Have not been able to leave the ship?
H: Examine the console
F: Push red then go door

Question 1: Vacuum a problem?
H: Wear the spacesuit
F: To save air you can open and close the spacesuit

Question 2: Can not get off the ship?
H: It is a simple action
F: Jump from outside the airlock on the ledge

Question 3: Have only found a boulder?
H: Examine phaser
F: Set phaser - to destroy - shoot boulder

Question 4: Can not do anything much in hexagonal room?
H: Examine plastic and try - help -
F: Pull rod - push rod - touch plastic - go curtain

Question 5: Can not get anywhere else?
H: Repeat
F: Pull rod - push rod - touch plastic

Question 6: Air runs out on you?
H: Open the suit if the gauge says the air is breathable
F: Connect hose to alien ship - push black - push white

Question 7: Can not make anything out of the picture?
H: Wear goggles
F: Push button on goggles - wear goggles - examine painting

Question 8: High gravity getting you down?
H: Goggles and painting is the clue
F: Get belt from sculpture - wear belt - twist buckle -

Question 9: Can not get hatch open?
H: High gravity world holds the clue
F: Pry open the hatch with the metal from the mining colony

Question 10: Need a power crystal?
H: Examine the broken crystal
F: Break off the rod in the hexagonal room and use it

Question 11: Can not return to planetoid and scout ship?
H: Useing the rod you must reset the gateway
F: Pull rod - touch plastic - push rod - touch plastic - go curtain

Question 12: Missing an ice diamond?
H: Ice hound and methane snow storm then explore
F: Drop hound in methane snow storm then explore with ice pick and phaser

Question 13: Do not know where to store your treasures?
H: Blast off in your scout ship
F: Push blue button on console