Adventure International
Golden Voyage
(SACA #12)

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The king lies near death in the royal palace. You have only three days to bring back the elixir needed to rejuvenate him. Journey through the lands of magic fountains, sacred temples, stormy seas and gold, gold, GOLD! This one is for experienced Adventurers only!


Title:Golden Voyage
Other Titles:None
Author(s):Scott Adams and William Demas
Release Year:1982

Release and Availability

Platform SAGA Version Major Differences*
Apple II Yes 180 None
Atari 400/800     None
BBC / Electron     None
Commodore 64 Yes 182 None
Macintosh Yes 182 None
Spectrum Yes   None
TI/99     None
TRS   184 None

* Excluding room description changes and spelling changes.

Game Statistics

Rooms 37
Words 74
Objects 79
Actions 253
Messages 82

Other Files