Adventure International
10 Little Indians
(Mysterious Adventure #10)

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A recently deceased major has converted all his money to gold, which has been shaped into a figurine and hidden somewhere in his home. The whereabouts of this figurine can only be deducted by finding 10 worthless, but otherwise similar figurines.


Title:10 Little Indians
Other Titles:
Author(s):Brian Howarth
Release Year:1983

Release and Availability

Platform SAGA Version Major Differences*
Apple II Yes   None
Atari 8-bit     None
Oric     None
BBC / Electron     None
Commodore 64 Yes   None
Spectrum Yes   None
TI/99     None
TRS Yes   None
VIC 20     None

* Excluding room description changes and spelling changes.

Game Statistics

Rooms 63
Words 85
Objects 73
Actions 161
Messages 67

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