Pirate Adventure
By Julian Fleetwood (Taken from the original AI hint sheets)

Question 0: can not leave the room?
H: go up the stairs
F: climb stairs

Question 1: have not found a book?
H: try bookcase
F: get book from bookcase

Question 2: have not found a bag?
H: after you got the book the room changed
F: enter passage upstairs

Question 3: can not seem to leave the flat at all?
H: try - help - in the alcove and outside the window
F: try - say yoho - while holding the book outside the window

Question 4: do you keep falling off the ledge?
H: you are slipping off
F: wear sneakers

Question 5: cannot get the chest?
H: bribe the parrot
F: give pirate the rum

Question 6: have not found crack in the rock?
H: is it in the hill
F: climb hill

Question 7: is it too dark to see?
H: remember the bag
F: open bag and light torch with the matches

Question 8: can not open the chest?
H: enter crack in the hole
F: remove nails from rug with hammer and then get the rug then get the keys

Question 9: have not found crocodiles?
H: hill
F: enter cave in hill and explore

Question 10: crocodiles a problem?
H: they are hungry
F: go lagoon - go north - get fish

Question 11: does your croc food escape you?
H: too dry
F: carry fish with bottle of sea water

Question 12: can not get beyond pirate's island?
H: look in the chest
F: build ship by lagoon after reading the plans

Question 13: need an anchor?
H: near the keel
F: go lagoon - dig anchor

Question 14: need a map?
H: plans
F: look in the chest again

Question 15: can not get past the snakes?
H: use the mongoose
F: parrot

Question 16: can not find the second treasure?
H: read map
F: go to the field then - pace 30 - then - dig

Question 17: pirate will not get aboard?
H: dig around
F: give pirate rum then wake him up - he will be close by

Question 18: missing a treasure?
H: open the box
F: use the hammer

Question 19: can not end the game?
H: try - score
F: leave treasures in the flat and - score