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Hint sheet to Circus

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The following notes have been compiled in order to help those adventurers who are experiencing difficulty in making progress in 'Circus'.

It must be stressed that direct answers or solutions to the problems will not be given here. The comments will simply try to point the player in the right direction so that he/she may be able to solve the puzzle by themselves.

The advice is split into three sections, each section has a bold heading to separate it from the next, so don't be tempted to move on too quickly.


Your initial location is outside a Circus Tent, do not be impatient. There are things to do before we venture in!

Found your Car yet? It's no use trying to drive it away... It's run out of petrol remember?

We need a Flashlight inside the Circus... Maybe you keep things like that in the boot of your Car? You haven't forgotten that the Car is a Front-Engined vehicle have you?

Having trouble getting into the Maintenance Wagon? Your Keys don't fit do they? You had better wait until you can find something like an Iron Bar to force the door open.

Having trouble starting the Generator? The answer to this and other problems will be found inside the Circus Tent.

Found a Shovel? Try digging in various places. Who knows what you might find!

Now you have a Flashlight it will probably be safe to LIGHT it and GO into the TENT!


Found a pille of rope? Wondering what it is used for? Try EXAMining it... You may be surprised!

Having difficulty on a Tightrope? Two thing are needed here to ensure success. A Safety Net is one of them. I think you need some special Footwear as well!

Safety Net causing problems? You obviously need to erect the Net. Start Clowning around!

On a Trapeze and getting nowhere? While you are there you might just as well get into the SWING of things.

Having trouble opening a Chest? Why not give it a hefty KICK!

Does the Clown keep running away from you? Maybe you should try to show him that you are a friend?

Have you found yourself inside a large Tank with water in it? You might as well try SWIMming around a little.

This Thightrope is made out of Steel and I noticed the Generator outside would not start because a Cable was missing! Does that give you a clue?

Wondering what to do about the TIger? If you had a Trainers's Whip you could tame the ferocious Beast!


Have you read the Clown's Note? It is up to you now to destroy the place... but how?

Have you found the underground control panel? Try to EXAMine it... It may lead you into an important clue!

Before you go starting the Detonation sequence, I think it would be wise to plan my escape route! I need petrol for my Car... Perhaps I should SYPHON a little from that Generator?

A good escape route would be to Fire youself from the Cannon... First you had better CUT a hole in the roof through which to make you graceful exit!

All sensible human cannonballs wear protective headgear before getting Fired!

Now that the Detonation sequence has started you really ought to move rather quickly... There is no time to lose now!

Have you escaped the Circus with a Can of Petrol for your car? Good... now you can FILL your TANK and DRIVE your Car.That should just about solve everything!