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Hint sheet to Arrow of Death (Part 1)

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The following notes have been compiled in order to help those adventurers who are experiencing difficulty in making progress in "Arrow of Death (Part 1)".

It must be stressed that direct answers or solutions to problems will not be given here. The comments will simply try to point the player in the right direction so that he/she may be able to solve the puzzle by themselves.

The advice is split into three sections, each section has a bold headingto seperate it from the next, so don't be tempted to move on too quickly.

From the Initial location to the journey on the Lake

Your initial location is inside the palace. Since very little HELP is given it is up to you to SEARCH, EXAMINE and otherwise manipulate every object and location that you come across.

Puzzled about the Baton? I would leave well enough alone for now

This Zardra character may have something to say. EXAMINE him!

In the King's Chamber? A suit of armour is always handy! Puzzled by the Coat-of-Arms? Never mind, something may TURN up!

Some people might keep their riches hidden in pillow!

What about this old Beggar. Maybe he's after GOLD!

I'm stood by the Cliffs with a Glass Orb. Aye, there's the RUB!

How can I get this Armour up to the cave? If I had some rope and thought about it, I could get HOOKED!

It's dark in that cave. Aye, there's the RUB!

I'm wandering about in this Forest. WAIT a minute! I've just thought of something!

This Ferryman obviously wants payment for his services. Let me see what I can OFFER him!

The Ferryman seems to know where we are going. I might as well just WAIT to see what happens!

From the Mud Pool to the Eagles Nest

All these Broken Trees! Somebody obviously has something against Trees!

A poor Slave! Good job I brough my sword along to cut those chains. I did bring it didn't I!

I'll have to find a way to make sure those nasty GIANTS are asleep before i risk going into their Building!

Now there's a thing! Why did that old beggar DRUG that innocent slave? Maybe he was trying to tell me something!

Can't SHIFT this boulder! I need some assistance here!

Having READ this SCROLL it occurs to me that I should go climbing somewhere!

A LOG Flume! I think I could really GO for this!

Better hand on to my LOG and WAIT. I'm not a very good swimmer!

Better not WAIT too long! Ah...this looks like a good spot to BEACH.

An EAGLE's FEATHERS would do nicely fgor Arrow Flights. Just ripe for PLUCKING!

From the Stream to the final problem

A Hut that's been recently raided! I must be hot on the trail of something. I wonder if this poor Dwarf has any clues on his person!

A deserted village! Maybe if I look around and SEARCH this DEBRIS I might find something!

This ARNID CORRISTA fellow sounds like just the man to make an ARROW. Once I've collected the bits I'll try to find him,/p>

This old BOOK is a real Puzzle! I should be able to read it O.K. Maybe my eyesight is failing me...might need to WEAR SPECTACLES!

Well, it tells me something, I wonder where this Sacred Willow could be.

I'm not too happy about standing around in this smelly MARSH. Willow trees usually grow in Marshy areas!

The Sacred Willow! I'll just take my SWORD and cut myself a BRANCH. Oh dear! There nasty GUARDIANS won't let me!

I hear tell that these GUARDIANS go bananas about Silver. I think I will get rid of them by THROWing some for them!

Well well well! Now I have everything I need! Pity I have to wait until PART 2 to find the Fletcher and get at that Evil nasty called XERDON.