Adventure International
Mystery Fun House
(SACA #7)

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AI UK: As Adventure #7 begins, you find yourself hopelessly lost in the middle of a carnival fun house. While escape may elude you, one thing is very clear -- you're NOT here to have a good time!

AI US: Can you find your way completely through the strangest Fun House in existance, or will you always be kicked out when the park closes?


Title:Mystery Fun House
Other Titles:Fun House Mystery
Author(s):Scott Adams
Release Year:1981

Release and Availability

Platform SAGA Version Major Differences*
Apple II Yes 145 None
Atari 8-bit     None
BBC / Electron     None
Commodore 64 Yes 145 None
Macintosh Yes 145 None
Spectrum Yes   None
TI/99     None
TRS   145 None
VIC 20     None

* Excluding room description changes and spelling changes.

Game Statistics

Rooms 35
Words 89
Objects 74
Actions 209
Messages 99

Other Files